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Spring cleaning is here and the nightmares are haunting you at night, so much to do, so little time.

Let me make it easier to bear for you by outlining some techniques used by us professionals in a commercial setting.  It‘s called team cleaning, (don’t laugh, I am sure you can convince the recalcitrant husband and teenagers to help).

     You designate individuals to perform tasks based on their complexity and requirements.  For example, in a commercial setting you may have a bathroom technician, one or more light duty technicians, and heavy duty technicians plus a supervisor who will jump in if the need arises.  Now, you can apply this same scenario to your house.  The premise is that for each individual there is no need to run back and forth to change equipment or supplies, thus saving time.  As well, the overall workload is planned so that there is no duplication of duties.

    For example, the bathroom technician will start with the upstairs bathrooms, while the heavy duty technician is taking out garbage, moving stuff to vacuum underneath and the light duty technicians are doing high dusting.  The light duty technicians move down throughout the space now doing horizontal dusting, cleaning of smudges et cetera and as they move from space to space the heavy duty technician is vacuuming, sweeping, and dust mopping, damp mopping the space after them.

  Now, you will have to adjust this plan based on the number of people, layout of your house etc. but the premise remains the same.  No duplication of effort, no running back and forth and best of all get the husband and the kids doing the work and you supervise.